Our latest work has been published

Our latest work has been published in IJCRI.

A case of schizophrenia successfuly treated by m-ECT using ‘long’ brief pulse.

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How To build & run OsiriX on Xcode 4.3

I am a beginner of Mac computer. But I could managed to build OsiriX on Xcode 4.3 from the source codes .


So, I’ll give you some tips.

#1 Xcode 4.3 can use subversion (SVN) directly. It’s easier for the beginners to get the OsiriX source code from ‘repository’. (NO NEED to use ‘terminal’)

#2 Xcode 4.3 disregards ‘target’ concept and adopts ’scheme’ concept in order to build ‘product’ or ‘library’. You should set it up by selecting your desirable item using ‘Scheme’ selection box on the topleft of the panel.

Good Luck!

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Welcome to PHAZOR.ORG

This is the site where biophysics meets medicine.

I am Hiroaki Inomata. I was born and raised in Japan. Firstly, I entered University of Tsukuba and majored in Physics. After the graduation, I worked for several organizations. Then, I re-entered medical school of Yokohama City University when I was 30. Now I am a psychiatric doctor.

So, I am interested in both physics and medicine and try to link the two in fascinating manners in this site.

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